Educational Program of Stomatology is focused on ensuring gaining of the competencies, necessary for the doctor in dentistry, implementation of which is possible based on the synthesis of knowledge and practical skills acquired through learning of the program’s various components in accordance with the national framework of a higher education qualification. The program offers students opportunity to obtain the knowledge in general competencies and gain practical skills. The program also includes the university training courses (mandatory and elective), contributing to the doctor in stomatology course. Components of the program aims at achieving the objectives of the program and formation of the competent doctor of stomatology as a result of studies.



Doctor in Dentistry 

Credits/Duration of the course 
300 ECTS/10 semesters (each semester consists of 20 weeks) 

Admission Criteria
Admission is based on the results of the unified national exams for Georgian nationals, as well as foreign citizen compliance with other rules established by law of Georgia. As part of the admission process  foreign citizens are tested in English language through recorded skype interview and also  tested in  natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) in which the person has to overcome a minimum competency level. 

Teaching Language

Learning Outcomes
Program objectives and learning outcomes in the courses are achieved through the lectures (classical and interactive), group work, practical sessions, as well as the student's independent work. 

The lectures are focused on the outlining of the basic provisions of the discussion topics, formulation of substantiated issues and their critical analysis. Group work / practice sessions are intended to deepen the knowledge acquired at the lectures and their practical application. In the teaching and learning process both verbal and written methods are used, students working in groups and individually.