Bachelor of English Philology

Besides the solid knowledge in major specialty, English Philology Program offers students numerous other benefits and opportunities: social and individual competency development, which is essential in 21st century, broad education, effective high quality teaching strategies, critical and creative thinking, rapid and effective problem-solving and  adequate generalization of conclusion, acquiring all the necessary tools and techniques (in terms of human resources, as well as communication technology) for development of versatile and comprehensive relationship.

English Philology Program implies teaching English gradually, from level B1+ to C1/C1+. The students get prepared for Cambridge International exams (according to  the program, at the end of VI or VII semester),that enables them to get B2 (FCE) and C1 / C 1 + (CAE) qualification levels in English Language as defined by the standards of Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

 Besides General English, students study  theoretical and practical subjects, such as Professional English (Business, Law), Text Interpretation, Academic Writing, Theory and Practice of Translation , Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology of the English Language, Stylistics, Text Linguistics, English Language Teaching Methodology, English Language Lexicography,  History of 20th century Literature (England, America, Western Europe), etc.