Visa Process

When you decide to study in Georgia it is very important to have clear information about immigration process. Based on your country of citizenship you may be required to go through different immigration pricess:

  1. You may enter and stay in Georgia for one full year without visa
  2. You may enter and stay in Georgia for 3 month without visa
  3. You may need to apply for immigration visa (D3 category) in order to enter Georgia for study purpose.

Please check DO I NEED VISA to find whether you need a visa to enter Georgia or no.


If you do not need visa please go to the next article RESIDENCE PERMIT.


If you need visa please start preparing following documents: 

  1. Fully completed visa application form
  2. Travel Document / Passport
  3. Receiptof payment of consular fee
  4. Personal photo according to ICAOstandards
  5. Document proving purpose of travel (this document is provided from the University)
  6. Document proving sufficient financial means
  7. Proof of accommodation(we will assist you to get it from Georgia)
  8. Travel and Health insurance
  9. If a fine has been imposed on an alien for illegal stay on the territory of Georgia a receipt of confirming the payment of a fine must be presented

To issue visas for minors (a person under the age 18), the visa issuing authority must be provided with the consent of their legal representatives. Such consent must be expressed in written form