Business School

GAU Business School was founded in 2005, with consideration of the best international practices and the local business environment. Programs and teaching methods are dynamic. They are fully compatible with general development trends and technological progress. The close link between GAU Business School and US leading universities show that our program meets the standards of the relevant programs of American Universities. These approaches have significantly defined GAU Business School academic identity and philosophy.

GAU Business School has developed modern methods with intensive courses of professional English and by establishing the tradition of teaching in small groups. In order to enhance the practical component of teaching, leading managers from the business sphere are systematically invited to share their experience with the students. At the same time, there is a scientific research center, which conducts scientific research in all areas of business administration. The materials obtained by the center are actively used in the learning process and are systematically published in the International journals with impact factor.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Georgian American University is the Quants Program, functioning since 2006. This program unites Business School students with a special interest in studying quantitative finance.

Specialists trained in the GAU Quants Program are in great demand and hold highly paid and prestigious positions in leading financial institutions.

 A Bachelor Program in English started in 2017, which gives foreign students the chance to become GAU graduates.

Thus, GAU creates a learning environment, where GAU graduates become competitive and development-driven in both domestic and international markets. The high employment rate of our graduates is a good indication of GAU’s excellent education quality.


Bachelor of Business Administration


GAU Business Administration Program is created based on the best practice and business environment. The program and teaching methods are dynamic and fully meet general development trends and technological progress. The close link between GAU Business School and USA leading universities shows that the GAU BBA program is in full compliance with the appropriate programs in American universities.

The program will help the graduates to become competitive and development-oriented.

The objectives of the Business Administration Bachelor Program correspond with GAU's mission. The BBA program aims to:

  • Develop/raise qualified specialists with high academic and ethical standards who are able to work efficiently in the area of business using the most up to date methods;
  • Create the best conditions to make sure that students maximally demonstrate their talents and capabilities and make their contributions to the development of the field of business;
  • Enable the students to perfect their international communication language skills, required for operating in the area of business, through the active teaching of professional English.

The main task of the Business School is to regularly work towards students' employment, as well as providing undergraduates with a flexible academic calendar, which will give them an opportunity to combine work and studies.

Students can choose from the four specialties listed below:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Quants* / Quantitative Finance
Quant is an abbreviation of the phrase - Quantitative Analyst.
Quants Program includes three components: Mathematics, Programming and Finance. 
Quant - is a specialist, who works in financial markets and creates mathematical models in order to help: 1. Financial market traders; 2. Risk managers at banks and other medium and large corporate institutions.*

For detailed information please check attached BBA program.

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