Master of International Relations & Diplomacy

Why GAU Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School?

GAU School of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy, including 1. Law 2. International Relations and Diplomacy, differs from other programs by bringing theoretical knowledge into practice. Acquiring both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the process of study turns the Bachelor student into a competitive specialist upon graduation - enabling him/her to face challenges at the local or international level similar to the accomplishments of former GAU graduates.       

Employment Prospects – Law

Major focus of the Law program is on practical application of theoretical knowledge, which is achieved by the students through acquiring experience at the Legal Clinic Program of Law, Social Sciences and Diplomacy School. At the same time the Law School Bachelor learns professional (legal) English at the C2 level, increasing the competitive skills at the world market in the field of International and European law. Many Law School graduates have distinguished themselves both at the local and international levels. GAU Career Development Services Center actively works to find the students and graduates desired internships and jobs.        

Employment Prospects – International Relations and Diplomacy

In present-day Georgia where the priority lies in Euro Atlantic integration and securing the country’s place among developed countries, the demand increases for International Relations specialists and Diplomats which have the necessary skills to represent their country in a professional and skillful way. The Bachelor program in International Relations and Diplomacy teaches such skills. The program helps the students to acquire fundamental knowledge in theory and practice of contemporary International Relations and Diplomacy; become familiar with political ideologies and theories and specifics of consular and diplomatic institutions; and ultimately build the skills for analysis and evaluation of processes taking place in the sphere of International relations and Diplomacy. GAU Career Services Center actively works to find the students and graduates desired internships and jobs.