IRC representatives and GAU president visiting Lebanon

On 10th March, 2020 the President of Georgian American University (GAU), Mr. Michael Gowgill, by the invitation of International Relations Centre (IRC) visitied Lebanon with the representatives of IRC, Nika Siradze and Rita Bernetsiani. 

During the visit they had a meeting at the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Lebanon Republic, with Mr. Abdel AlMawla Chehabeddine, the secretary of the Committee of equivalences and colloquium. The meeting was arranged by Mr. Bilal Dernayka, partner of IRC.

Mr. Michael Gowgill and IRC representatives also visited some of the schools in Lebanon, Rawdat El Fayhaa Secondary School, Jebran Indrous School, Wadi Khaled High School and other, where they met school representatives and discussed the opportunities Lebanese students can use to be able to study at GAU. 

Delegation also had an opportunity to have radio interview at Tripoli FM with Mr. Samer and Ziad Zreik.